Wandering Grape

About Growers

The grapes for Wandering Grape are from ten farms in the communities of Lavalle, San Martin and Medrano areas, in Mendoza, Argentina.

"Before Fair Trade, the situation and conditions of the work place was horrendous and we were treated very badly."

"We did not receive a pay slip or anything and received our income in ‘black' or in cash with no regulations to national legislation as the employer did not want to pay taxes."

Nelson and Lorenzo O., vineyard workers for a small vineyard in Medrano

The fair trades sales benefits around 220 community members directly and indirectly.

The communities have used their Fair Trade sales to fund projects, such as day care for preschool children, health care facilities, and adult literacy programs.

Recently, the community members have voted on establishing a sports facility which will provide activities such as soccer, netball and rugby, address personal problems and addictions, and provide a stepping stone for the youth to hone their underdeveloped skills.


Wandering Grape Vineyard Workers
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